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Make the most out of API documentation

API documentation should be easy to understand -- but how do you accomplish this? Use this quick guide to learn key API documentation components, noteworthy tools and best practices.


DockerCon 2020: Docker tightens ties with Microsoft

Docker has introduced an integration with Azure Container Instances that developers can use to run Docker commands in ACI and switch from desktop development to the cloud.


Refactor vs. rewrite: Deciding what to do with problem software

At some point, all developers must decide whether to refactor code or rewrite it. Base this choice on factors such as architectural soundness, time, money and goals.


3 lessons microservices developers can learn from SOA

Microservices developers can learn from past SOA mistakes to build more resilient and high-performance applications today. Take a look at three major lessons for microservices projects.

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Application Architecture Basics

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    The basics of API versioning

    Applications change, and the APIs they depend on need to be updated and upgraded accordingly. Developers who know the value of versioning and the basics of numbering improve APIs.

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    Why you need domain-driven design

    Domain-driven design helps organizations create business capabilities with the architecture that microservices need. Here's how to merge DDD into your development process.

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    2020 conferences for software developers and architects

    Fortunately, you can't lose your badge at a virtual conference. Check out our list of both online and in-person conferences, including DockerCon, API World and Microsoft Build.

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