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The 3 tenets of microservice messaging patterns

In a microservices architecture, there's no question that it's tricky to ensure effective service communication. Review these three tenets of microservice messaging patterns.

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5 key software testability characteristics

How do you design the software components for comprehensive testing? Start with these fundamentals of software testability -- from mocks and stubs to infrastructure-as-code.

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Get started with a hybrid microservices model

Enterprises don't always have to choose between a microservices and monolithic architecture -- take a hybrid approach to experience the best of both worlds.


14 top mobile app KPIs that advance development

No matter its purpose, a mobile application must meet expectations from users and corporate stakeholders. Here are 14 mobile app KPIs that you need to know.

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  • Application development planning

    GraphQL vs. REST choice steers microservices development

    GraphQL vs. REST: That is the question as teams tackle microservices architecture design, and at Pantheon, the choice came with both business boons and technical debt.

  • Container orchestration

    Pivotal tools tackle Kubernetes complexity

    Pivotal has released several tools to help developers and operators address Kubernetes complexity, as enterprises increasingly adopt the popular container orchestration system.

  • Enterprise application integration

    Netflix taps GraphQL for content engineering

    When the Netflix content engineering team chose a data query language for a new system to pull data from a variety of back-end services, they passed over REST to go with GraphQL.