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Should software architect responsibilities include coding?

There are many variations to the role of the software architect in today's IT teams, and a lingering debate is over whether they should all be hands-on with code.

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8 fundamental microservices security best practices

Despite the benefits, microservices will introduce profound security issues. We review the biggest microservices security challenges and eight strategies used to combat them.


The architectural impact of RPC in distributed systems

It has become increasingly important for software architects to understand the mechanics behind remote procedure call (RPC), particularly its role in distributed architectures.


API gateways and service mesh: Do you need both?

While they're both central to inter-application communication processes, it's important to understand the fundamental differences between a service mesh and an API gateway.

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Application Architecture Basics

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    foo (in software programming)

    Foo (pronounced FOO) is a term used by programmers as a placeholder for a value that can change depending on conditions or on information passed to the program.

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    open API

    Review this definition to learn about open APIs, also known as a public APIs, including their associated benefits, industry use cases and unique attributes.

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    Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

    An enterprise service bus (ESB) is a software platform used to distribute work among connected components of an application.

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