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This year, Gartner's AADI summit took a close look at three highly intertwined aspects of enterprise architecture -- SOA, the cloud, and application overhaul.

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The Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit has come again. This year's summit takes a close look at three highly intertwined aspects of enterprise architecture -- SOA, the cloud, and application overhaul. Application overhaul is particularly poignant at the moment because so many organizations are realizing that their application portfolios are saturated and the only way forward may be to step back and rethink everything with cloud computing and a service-oriented architecture in mind. Join as we take in Gartner's expert advice on application overhaul.

The real-time enterprise: What is the biggest change in ten years?
While aspects of operational BI and real-time analytics are new, the core intention to automate systems and optimize efficiencies is not. We caught up with Gartner's Roy Schulte to get an angle on the overall course of new event processing trends. Together with Mani Chandy he penned "Event Processing," a must-have text for the modern IT general.

Gartner: SOA will be like electricity for architects looking toward cloud computing
Service-oriented architecture has become an intrinsic part of modern IT, and will be a potent force in future cloud computing and event-driven applications. But, in many ways, SOA will be taken for granted as little more than the logical way to proceed with development and integration, according to a Gartner expert.

Facing up to common architect-developer communications conundrums
In many IT organizations, software developers and enterprise architects seem to work at cross purposes. How do architects cut through the conflict? At the Summit, one analyst presented some practical ways of "making the twain meet." It all comes down to better communication.

From SOA Talk – A blog

At AADI: SOA Software looks toward cloud governance
Another sign that SOA governance tools will play a role in cloud computing comes by way of an announcement that SOA Software has developed a suite of governance tools that build and run applications for the IBM WebSphere Business Services Fabric.

ESB and more in cloud computing platform called "Stratos"
WSO2 discussed its recently launched "cloud middleware platform," WSO2 Stratos 1.0, designed for implementing an enterprise SOA. The software is built on WSO2's Carbon development platform, and it includes a host of open source middleware implementations supported by OSGi.

At Gartner AADI 2010: Cloud computing trust chasm
Cloud computing was a much-discussed topic this week at the Summit. Gartner Managing VP Gene Phifer and others looked at possible cloud computing scenarios in a brief keynote that set the agenda for the week's cloud content. Quite a few of the related issues have to do with that old intractable human trait – trust.

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