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Accessing SOAP header details from within a Web service

I need to gain access to and extract the SOAP header details from within my Web service. How do I go about writing my WSDL to expose the underlying SOAP header data?

Typically, you don't specify headers in a WSDL document, and the headers are not available to the Web service application agent. Headers are usually processed by handlers (e.g., JAX-RPC handlers or HTTP pipeline modules) during the SOAP message processing pipeline. All headers must be processed (and stripped out of the message) before the request is passed to the application. Any information that needs to be sent to the application agent should be passed in the body rather than in the header.

If you do need to get this header information, then you will need to implement a handler that captures the header information and puts it someplace accessible by the application. Typically there's a context object that you should be able to use.

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