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Accessing a SOAP response

I am using a third-party Web service. One of its methods returns an object. Is there a way to access the "actual" SOAP response that was received directly from the Web service?
You should always be able to access the actual SOAP response, but the approach you use will be dependent on the SOAP environment you're using to access the service. Most SOAP environments provide a low-level programming interface that lets you program at the SOAP envelope level. For example, in most Java systems, you can use the SAAJ API to manipulate the SOAP message. You can also create a "handler" that intercepts the return message before it's parsed by the SOAP message processor. If your desire is simply to see the raw SOAP message, but not to manipulate it, the you can also use some type of SOAP monitor that captures the messages as it goes by. For example, Axis provides a SOAP monitor utility called TCPMon.

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