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Applets, Java Server Pages or Servlets with IIS?

With heavy company investment in an Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) is it economical to consider implementing applets, java server pages or servlets?

It can be. One thing you don't want to do is implement a Java application if the rest of the staff is not familiar with the technologies. There is definite value in standardizing technologies and taking advantage of the existing knowledge of your IT staff.

That being said, there are low-cost solutions for integrating Servlet technologies with IIS. For example the open-source Jakarta Tomcat (http://jakarta.apache.org) can handle requests to IIS. Similarly, commercial products on the market can integrate with IIS for JSP and servlet requests. And since applets are strictly client-side components, there is no problem with using them in conjunction with IIS.

The key point of analysis is to judge whether Java technologies make sense for the goals you are trying to achieve and if it is a match with your IT department. If the answer to both of these questions is yes and you have the experience in the Java technologies, then servlets and JSP can be an extremely low-cost solution.

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