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Application server comparisons

It would be a great help if you can answer me this question. My application needs to support JSP, EJB 2.0, XML, and the fastest XSLT engine for transformation of XML to various formats. It will be a great help if you can tell the reason or any ratings of application servers among
1. IBM Websphere
2. BEA Weblogic
3. IPlanet
4. Silver stream

It would be difficult for me to take an unbiased view on this sort of comparison, given my background. Each of these Web application servers are focused on supporting the latest open standards for both J2EE and Web services (incl. XML). WebSphere's implementation of XML is directly based on the latest Xerces parser and Xalan database, and seems to have a leg up on the competition with it's Web services runtime and tools support. All four on your list have been maniacally focused on the latest J2EE standards. A good snapshot of the Web app server market can be found at http://www.flashline.com/components/appservermatrix.jsp. This site also provides links to each vendor's product pages where you can research the capabilities that interest you the most.

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