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Are MSMQ and JMS mutually exclusive?

Are MSMQ and JMS mutually exclusive? I plan to use MSMQ on my Pocket PC device for queueing data messages but when they are sent, I want to invoke an EJB on the App Server. Is this architecture possible ?
I see two different ways how this can be achieved:
    Architecture A:
  • Write a server side VB, C# or J# application that reads messages from a MSMQ queue (Q1), invokes the EJB (using SOAP, CORBA, or RMI), and puts the result of the invocation into another MSMQ queue (Q2).
  • The mobile application creates request messages and puts them into Q1. The application also polls Q2 to receive responses it is interested in, and to receive error notifications.
    Architecture B:
  • Use an end-to-end wireless enabled JMS solution such as Softwired iBus//Mobile or AshnaSoft AshnaMQ. Here you don't need to write any server-side "gateway" application that translates between MSMQ and J2EE. Your mobile applications can interact with your EJBs directly, using JMS! This solution is probably more elegant and robust than Architecture A.

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