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Are there any open source tools to help me publish a WSDL to my private UDDI registry?

I wrote a Web service in Java and generated a WSDL for it using wsdl2java, but how do I publish my service to the UDDI registry? Are there any open source tools available to help me publish this WSDL to my private UDDI registry?

There are a number of UDDI Client libraries that you can use. If you obtained your private UDDI registry from a vendor, then there's probably a UDDI client package that came with it. You can also use one of these three free Java client packages:

There's also a Microsoft SDK for .NET clients.

Before you get started, you might want to read up on UDDI and WSDL. You'll find a presentation on "Understanding UDDI" and a white paper "On Using WSDL in UDDI Registry" here: http://www.systinet.com/techres/.

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