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Average throughput of JMS messages across low bandwidth networks?

We are investigating the feasibility of using JMS as a protocol for communication across machines over a low bandwidth network. The fact that there is Wireless JMS seems to suggest that JMS is feasible over low bandwidth networks (as in the wireless world). Would you happen to have figures on the average throughput of JMS messages across low bandwidth networks (best and worst case scenarios)?

Wireless JMS (WJMS) is indeed feasible over low bandwidth networks. For example, the iBus//Mobile Wireless JMS product works on 9.6kpbs GSM connections, and even on slower links. We did tests with bandwidth as low as 1000bps.

It is important to check that the WJMS product can run also without any TCP/IP stack. This allows you to run JMS with very low bandwith, directly atop a serial line protocol. Typically, JMS products do not provide this feature and are not optimized for low bandwidth.

The overhead of a WJMS message is typically 20 bytes or less per message, depending and the quality of service you expect (delivery guarantees, explicit acknowledgements, header properties, etc).

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