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BPEL4WS vs. RosettaNet

Does RosettaNet compete with BPEL4WS? How are the two similar/different?
RosettaNet is a framework which defines standard processes for the electronic sharing of business information. RosettaNet is focused on enabling dynamic, flexible trading networks, operational efficiency and creation of new business opportunities. RosettaNet Partner Interface Processes (PIPs) are specialized system-to-system XML-based dialogs that define business processes between trading partners. Each PIP specification includes a business document with the vocabulary, and a business process with the choreography of the message dialog.

RosettaNet is in need of leveraging interoperable industry standards for ensuring smooth rollout of its implementation by participating companies. As such, RosettaNet is highly synergistic with the emerging XML Web services stack, in particular BPEL4WS, which can be used for advanced business process descriptions (orchestration), compatible with the PIP specifications (choreography). The relationships developed between the RosettaNet and OASIS Consortiums should be able to render the use of BPEL4WS within the RosettaNet framework, a likely development in the future.

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