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BPM portals

Sri Nagabhirava discusses the effectiveness of portals for business process management.

What do you see as the appropriate role for portals in business process management?
Portals play a key role in the implementation of BPM. Many product vendors have started introducing BPM portals to help organizations define KRAs/KPIs at the process level and help measure, fine tune and improve the business processes. Portals provide the ability to control, monitor and measure the BPM activities while providing the ability to personalize, easy to manage and navigate and accomplish critical business activities. They let the users monitor the progress of a business process in real time with end-to-end visibility. Portals can also help determine the bottlenecks in a business process instance while tracking and measuring the process performance at every step thru reports, dashboards with the ability to drill down to the task level. Also, BPM portal is very handy and an effective tool if your organization has initiatives such as Six Sigma, P-CMM or CMMi.

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