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Benefits of RosettaNet

What are the most important benefits a company can realize from a RosettaNet implementation?
A company using RosettaNet would be conducting e-business with trading partners using e-business process standards, on a standardized infrastructure that includes specifications for message packaging, transport, routing, and security. Furthermore, the content of the messages, the vocabulary, would also be based on RosettaNet standards to ensure non-ambiguity between trading partners.

An organization that utilizes RosettaNet with its trading partners should see the following important benefits:
1- Highly reduced time to conduct business with trading partners
2- Significant reduction in the cost of the business exchange
3- Reduction of errors in the business exchange

It is important to note that these are just some of the key benefits that an organization can reap. I am also assuming that the organization conducts a feasibility study to see that it indeed can benefit from e-business processes.

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