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Best MDA/SOA design convergence

What is the state of the art product in the MDA/SOA design convergence and the new generation of SOA metamodels?
The application of model-driven architecture (MDA) to service-oriented architecture (SOA) is still a work in progress. The applicability of MDA and SOA is clear: SOA requires a platform-independent service model that both conveys the business requirements for services to the IT staff and represents the functionality of the services in production. The IT staff can then use this service model to generate platform-dependent models (component models, data models and so on) that drive the development of the underlying software.

However, the work on MDA within its governing body, the Object Management Group (OMG), is somewhat slow and deliberate. As a result, they have not yet formalized the MDA approach to SOA as they have for data warehouses with the common warehouse metamodel (CWM).

You can see some of ZapThink's thoughts on the application of MDA to SOA in the article Principles of SOA, and much of the state of the art can be found at Model-driven architecture enabling service-oriented architectures.

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