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Business process management (BPM) framework: Vertical vs. Horizontal

Sri Nagabhirava two different kinds of business process management frameworks available in the software market today.

Can you give me a list of Business Process Management (BPM) framework that is exceptional? Is there a place that...

I can learn more about this?

There are two different kinds of BPM framework available in the market today. Horizontal framework deals with design and development of business processes and are focused on technology and reuse. On the other hand, vertical Business Process Management framework focuses on a specific domain or a sub domain and have pre-built templates of business processes which can be readily configured and deployed. There are not many exceptional frameworks which are widely used and accepted in the industry. However, there is many Business Process Management framework available in the market today covering a range of domains and functions from pure play BPM vendors like Pega Systems, Metastorm and Intalio, infrastructure BPM vendors like IBM, Oracle (BEA), Software AG (WebMethods), and Microsoft.

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