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Can I build a VoiceXML program in an ASP page and use the microphone/speaker as input/output?

I'm new to VoiceXML. Is that possible that I can build a VoiceXML program in an ASP page and use the microphone as input and speaker as output?
There are two sides to a VoiceXML application. On the server-side, you need something that can identify HTTP requests coming from voice browsers and generate VoiceXML instead of HTML responses. ASP- and indeed most server-side scripting environments can do this.

On the client-side you need a "phone" in order to conduct a voice conversation with the server-side. If your PC has microphone and speaker and can make phone calls - perhaps using Voice over IP (VoIP), then you are all set. (see http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/VoIP-HOWTO.html)

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