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Can you give me a brief description of the comparison between MSMQ and SonicMQ?

Can you give me a brief description of the comparison between MSMQ and SonicMQ. Moreover, can you give me the advantages and disadvantages of the both as well?
See previous answer.

Advantages/Disadvantages of SonicMQ versus MSMQ:

+ SonicMQ is written purely in Java
+ Fits into J2EE environments
+ Supports not only message queueing, but also publish/subscribe
+ Proven scalability and reliability
+ High-availability features (implemented through Message routing)
- Supports mainly Java. Other languages (VB, C# etc.) can be fitted in using SOAP Web services, but certain important features of JMS (guaranteed delivery, store & forward) might be lost.
- The vendor (SonicSoftware) is much smaller than Microsoft
- The vendor is not a market leader in the messaging middleware space, but very well positioned in the JMS market, which is an important subset of the overall messaging middleware market.

Advantages/disadvantages of MSMQ versus SonicMQ

+ MSMQ fits seamlessly into the .NET platform
+ Can be programmed in VBasic, C#, C++ etc.
+ .NET Studio Wizards make the development of MSMQ applications easy
+ Proven scalability and reliability
+ Well-established vendor
+ High-availability features (clustering)
- Proprietary solution from Microsoft. Not standards-based
- Does not run on non-Microsoft platforms: Linux, Solaris
- Only provides a point-to-point message queueing model, but no publish/subscribe

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