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Can you outline when to use and when not to use Web services for integration?

Please highlight what are the best practices, standards and implementation guidelines for showing Web services as a potential candidate for enterprise integration--basically "when to use" and "when not to use" Web services in integration scenarios.
The fact of the matter is that many inter- and intra-enterprise problem domains don't need service-level access (Web services) to applications; information exchange is good enough, if not desirable. Moreover, most organizations don't have application integration strategies. These organizations need to get their own houses under control first, determine their integration requirements, create a plan, and then select the correct approach to application integration and matching technology. Simply jumping to Web services without understanding the business requirements could be disastrous, or worse, could cause the organization to miss strategic opportunities.

Those organizations that require Web services have a need to access both information and application services that exist in local and remote information systems. Typically, these problem domains have the following characteristics:
* There are redundant application services that exist at two or more systems.
* There is a need to create a new application that satisfies a business need, but is also able to leverage aggregated application services from remote systems.
* The information residing within the source or target system is of significantly less value when decoupled from the services.

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