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Can you please suggest an ideal message queue to handle huge messages and an ideal way of searching,

We are working on developing a wireless application, where short messages are captured and sent to SMPP client, in case the SMPP client is down we need to store these messages in a queue and forward them once the client comes up. The amount messages we are planning to handle are about 250 per second,at this rate if the SMPP client goes down even for 60 seconds the message queue could grow up to 15000, and each message could have a length of 300 bytes, keeping this in mind can you please suggest an ideal message queue to handle such huge messages and an ideal way of searching, updating and manipulating the message queue?

I'd suggest a high-end JMS implementation such as Softwired-inc.com, Fiorano, or Progress. Those message queueing systems are able to handle 500 messages per second and more. The Softwired-inc.com system further provides a gateway which can convert JMS into SMS transparently. SMPP can be integrated into that JMS gateway product (called iBus//Mobile). See http://www.softwired-inc.com/products/mobile/mobile.html

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