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Can you suggest a resource adapter vendor to integrate Enterprise Information Systems with WebLogic

I'm having a hard time figuring out a resource adapter vendor for integrating Enterprise Information Systems with WebLogic or WebSphere. EIS systems are based on VMS, CICS, Wint NT, Oracle and DB2. Any suggestions?
Many companies use custom software to push information to datamarts on a batch cycle basis. To the extent that they use middleware for this purpose, it is generally an Extract-Transform-Load program for point-to-point interfacing. Informatica, Data Junction and Mercator are three such applications. In the case where real time transactions are required, they are coded as proprietary adapters, generally as Java beans or through COM. EAI tools in the near-real-time category include Nen (previously Neon) and Vitria. TierBroker is a new kind of EAI tool, because it combines high performance ETL capability with a realtime message broker that can also be used as a server or client for Web services, using SOAP and WSDL.

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