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Can you suggest any pointers for J2EE-based Service Instrumentation Framework?

I am looking for some J2EE-based Service Instrumentation Framework. Can you suggest some useful pointers in this regards?

There are several management standards such as SNMP, ARM and CIM, that specify intrusive and non-intrusive instrumentation interfaces to be exposed to management systems.

ARM (Application Response Measurement) is an API used to instrument an application for transaction monitoring. ARM 3.0 defines a Java binding for the measurement of Java applications.

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is a protocol used to exchange network information in a tabular form called MIB (Management Information Base).

CIM (Common Information Model) provides a syntax for representing management information and relationships between managed objects.

Sun, along with other leading Java companies, has released the Java Management Extensions (JMX) specification. JMX is a universal, open technology for management, and monitoring applications, devices, resources, etc. using instrumentation of Java-enabled resources. JMX seems bound to be the de facto standard for J2EE management solutions. A number of companies have embraced JMX and provide frameworks and tools to build managed systems and applications based on JMX. These include:

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