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Contributions of inheritance in software engineering

What are the contributions of inheritance in software engineering using the Java language?
The Java programming language was object-oriented from the time it was conceived, so it doesn't suffer from the problems you might encounter with some languages that tried to retrofit OOP features after-the-fact. In the area of inheritance, Java provides most of the standard features of an object-oriented language including:

  • The ability to extend a base class private, protected, and public scoped classes, fields, and methods
  • Method overloading and overriding
  • Abstract base classes and methods

    Some aberrations that you do not find with a lot of other object-oriented languages are:

  • The concept of package scope
  • Interface inheritance
  • Multiple inheritance is restricted to interfaces
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    Why is it simula don't realize they invented composition types & subtype not class or Mendel inheritance DNA/class? 

    Class is not a type or subtype.
    Inheritance is not a sub or super part/class/type, or the building or implementing on sub or super part/class/type

    Not any sub or supper type/class of child is your child only the one you put/ embed your DNA IS YOUR CHID FORMING DNA PARENT- CHILD RELATIONSHIPS. 
    Whereas with composition any components type/clsss/part will do, be it sub or super part/class/type so long as it fits and work whether they are or not DNA/ class related

    Class is from the first part of biological evolutionarily theory ie Darwin classification of living organisms, 1800s papers.