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Converting a WSDL file to a SOAP-RPC request

How can I convert a WSDL file to a SOAP-RPC request? I'm trying to connect to a Web service using JMeter and I have the WSDL file for the service. The problem is, I don't have much knowledge or a tool to convert the WSDL file to a SOAP-RPC request, which I badly need. I hope you can help! Thanks a lot!

There are more than a dozen Java SOAP implementations. All J2EE application servers (BEA, IBM, JBoss, Oracle, Sun, etc.) include support for SOAP and WSDL, plus there are a number of independent commercial vendors that support SOAP with or without a J2EE application server, including Cape Clear, , Systinet, and webMethods.

You can download the independent products for free, but check with the vendors to find out about deployment license options. Sun supplies a free SOAP toolkit as part of the Java Web Services Pack (JWSDP). Sun's SOAP toolkit is called JAX-RPC. (It's the reference implementation for the Java API for XML-based RPC (JAX-RPC) API. All the other vendors' products are also implementations of the JAX-RPC API.) But, since you're obviously an Apache user, I recommend that you use Apache Axis.

All of these products provide a WSDL compiler tool, frequently called wsdl2java, although it may also be called something like "WSDL compiler" or wscompile or something similar. These tools will generate the Java client code you need to invoke the Web service.  

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