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Creating a suit of web services to utilize a collection of complex types.

I am trying to create a suite of web services that utilize a collection of complex types. I am trying to include this namespace in the definitions portion of my wsdl file. I have an apache server that serves an xsd file:

I then try to import this and I continually get a [exec] error: modeler error: model error: invalid entity name: "Properties"

Your schema has a namespace error.

Your "Properties" type is defined as:

But the schema compiler can't dereference the hbx:Property type because you have not imported the hbx namespace. Since you define a type called "Property" in this schema, I suspect that you meant to reference that "Property" type in your target namespace, but you have not defined a namespace declaration for your target namespace. Perhaps you meant the hbx namespace prefix to reference your target namespace?

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