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Designing a Web service to check voicemails online

I am trying to design a Web service which let users to check their voicemails through Internet. I want to design the site using JSP. Each user should enter username and password to log in to his voice box. Then, I should list the incoming mails for him by fetching the information within the database and by clicking on each item the voice message should be played. I have saved these voice messages in database in an image type field so I should fetch it from DB and play it for the user. How can I do that? Can you show me some examples of doing such a thing or any sample sites? I am interested to do it with JSP and servlets.
The best place for you to start is the J2EE Tutorial site at:
There you will find best practices and examples for servlets, JSPs, database access, etc. Specifically, check out "The Duke's Bank Application" at:

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