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Difference between an Application server and Web server

Could you please tell me provide a detailed description explaining the difference between an Application server and Web server?

Application server is a Web server with the notion of logic. In other words, you can host applications there and expose those applications through a Web-based product. Web servers just service up content, HTML pages and other Web-capable files.

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Web servers are storage systems which serve/publish web-pages and other HTML-files, which have mostly Static content; They doesn't incorporate much logic into their service, which can at the most provide you for e.g. If you provide an Employee-ID, it may return with/fetch the employee-details stored in it's database, such as Employee's Name,  Designation, Address, Phone, Email etc.,.
Application server on the other hand is a server with lots of logic incorporated in it in the form of components. It has independent components/applications in it to serve different purposes which are exposed to outside-world & can be used by other applications as well. I will give you a simplest example: An Addition-Component: which takes in two different numbers, adds them & provides the result mostly through a Web-interface. So this addition logic is built into this component.
An Application server can act as a web-server but it's not the other way round.
Also an Application-Server mostly provides dynamic content only(i.e. most of it's services are dynamic in nature)
Thanks for offering up some additional insight, svankipu!