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Difference between choreography and orchestration

What exactly is meant by "choreography and/or orchestration", and what are the differences, if any?

"Choreography" and "orchestration" are somewhat synonymous. Other synonymous terms include "workflow" and "business process automation". All of these terms refer to automatic routing of content, context, and control through a series of distributed business processes.

Some people use the terms interchangeably; some people distinguish them in terms of specificity and perspective. For example, people typically refer to BPEL [1] as "orchestration", and WS-CDL [2] as "choreography".

For those that distinguish the terms, orchestration is a more detailed, execution-driven mechanism, viewed from the perspective of routing a particular set of messages through a process, and choreography is more abstract and descriptive, viewed from the perspective of the parties that exchange messages to accomplish a particular process.

Business Process Execution Language. [2] Web Services Choreography Description Language .

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