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Difference between processes in BPEL4WS

In the B2B world, there are two kind of processes. One is public process, another is private process. In BPEL4WS, there are also two more--abstract and executable processes. I am confused about the difference between them. Can you tell me what is the connection between those two processes?
Roughly speaking, a public process in B2B corresponds to BPEL's abstract process, while a private process in B2B corresponds to BPEL's executable process. Industry terminology for a public process is commonly referred to as choreography while the term used for a private process is commonly known as orchestration.

In a Web services environment utilizing BPEL, a public process pertains to the public protocol of a Web service, describing the nature and order of messages exchanged between a Web service and its consumers or peers. In contrast, a private process pertains to the private implementation of a Web service, i.e. describing and executing the interactions and flow among Web services to form collaborative processes or long-running business transactions.

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