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Do you have any idea what the average cost price per message is?

We are a large company with a lot of different (legacy) applications. We want to re-use these applications in an EAI way. So we decided to use a message broker and to open up these legacy applications by using XML-based messages. We think that there'll be at least about 20 messages a minute during office time. Our service management organization will charge us extra per sent/received messages. But the price they are asking seems high ($0.20 a message), so that a message-based application will be very expensive in the exploitation phase. Do you have any idea what in the market the average cost price per message is?
Wow!!! Can I get a piece of this action? Implement your own broker using Web Services. You should evaluate our tool -- TierBroker at www.udico.com, then look at alternatives, such as BEA, iPlanet, .NET and so on. At 20 cents a message you could afford to launch your own software company to develop an alternative.

No matter how you cost it, if you are spending more $100,000/year for everything all-in, you could implement a solution over MQ Series, MSMQ, JMS or even HTTP using SOAP more cost effectively. More to the point, over the space of a few years, you still save money implementing your own solution. A managed services approach only makes sense if you are engaging multiple partners outside your firewall. In that case, look to emerging services like GrandCentral.com who can outsource that requirement.

Editor's note: See Messaging Expert Silvano Maffeis' answer to this question here.

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