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Do you know of any sample code for parsing WSDL with .NET/MS technologies?

Could you please guide me to a sample or article on using the system.web.services.description class to parse the WSDL? Any other sample or code for parsing WSDL using .NET or Microsoft related technologies? Would you recommend using SOAP toolkit?
I tried a Google search, but came up empty on articles and code samples. I can point you to a few books, though:
- Chapter 12 of "ASP.NET Programmer's Reference".
- Chapter 7 of "Visual Basic.NET XML Web Services Developer's Guide"
- Chapter 30 of "ASP.NET in a Nutshell"

As for .NET versus SOAP Toolkit -- you should use the one that works with your application. If you're using VB.NET, ASP.NET, or C#, then use .NET. If you're using VB 6.0, VBA, or VC++, then you need to use SOAP Toolkit. If you plan to deploy on Win95, you have to use SOAP Toolkit. As an alternative to SOAP Toolkit, you might also try PocketSOAP.

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