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Does BPEL support human interactions?

Does BPEL process support human interactions? Are you planning to add in this feature?
A BPEL process is an abstraction for assembling loosely-coupled Web service components into long-lived, multi-step business flows. People interventions and manual tasks are often an integral part of such transactions, particularly for exception handling or workflow/approval related tasks.

The BPEL specification deals exclusively with orchestrating Web services, which naturally leads to the design pattern of wrapping user tasks as asynchronous Web services whose interface is published using a WSDL. A BPEL orchestration server can offer support for user tasks with a pre-built Web service component.

Thus, a user task component can be readily used by BPEL developers who need to integrate user tasks into their business flows. For more information see chapter 8 of the Collaxa BPEL Developer Guide.

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