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Does my client's proxy have to match the current interface description?

If I created a client to a service by creating a proxy (wsdl2java) and the service changes, say adding an new attribute... What will happen to my client? Will it still succeed or will it fail based on the fact the proxy does not match the current interface description?
If you undeploy the original service, deploy the new service, and do nothing to handle the version mismatch, then I would expect the request to fail. But there are a number of ways to handle version control. For example, you could maintain both the new and the old services. Or you could intercept the call (e.g., using a JAX-RPC handler) and transform V1 requests into V2 requests as they come in and vice versa as they go back. You could also use a third party product such as Talking Blocks or AmberPoint that specializes in helping you manage version control.

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