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Domino application server vs. Websphere application server

What is the comparison of Domino application server with Websphere application server in performance, scalability and reliability?
This comparison is really apples to oranges, as each product has a different focus. From purely a web (HTTP) server angle, performance/scale of Domino and WebSphere are close. However, WebSphere concentrates on transactional applications and back-end connectivity with full compliance with the J2EE platform. This is where WebSphere really shines, by being able to deploy quickly and scale in real-world transactional environments. Reliability is built in as well and enhanced by using message queueing with MQ (MQ works with both Domino and WebSphere). Domino focuses on the collaborative environment and the clients, so performance is not as much of a factor. It scales well, but does not support deployment of the same level of server-side transactional applications as WebSphere does.

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