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Enabling regulated messages with Web services

How can you say that "Web services are incapable of enabling regulated message exchanges"? BPEL is supposed to enable Web services to do so, isn't it?
A couple of reasons why BPEL currently does not provide regulated exchanges between partner:

  • BPEL was not designed for that purpose. BPEL is a marriage of XLANG and WSFL. This combination provides a solution to choreographing and organizing services and processes on a server into workflows, this feature is also known as Application Integration. BPEL is pretty good at this. EbXML or RosettaNet provide no value for application integration within the organization.

  • BPEL currently does not accommodate the secure and reliable messaging requirements of regulated environments (for further information, see the question regarding regulated and unregulated message exchanges), and it does not contain sufficient business-centric process and message controls. For example, it has no ability to express important parameters like the total duration for executing the entire business process, whether receipt acknowledgment is required, whether non-repudiation is required, how many re-tries before the partner can be considered non-responding and the process canceled etc. These parameters are required to perform legally binding robust business transactions.

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