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Error saying 'premature end of file' and 'unable to import binding'

I am making a desktop program in VB.NET that needs to access a Web service. This Web service is on a Unix/Apache server and was created using Java and Axis. In VB.NET, when creating a Web Reference to the Web service, I get an error about "premature end of file". When making a Web Reference to the WSDL file, it loads into VB.NET, but I cannot access or find the object. When I use wsdl.exe on the wsdl file, I get an error "unable to import binding". Is this a platform incompatibility issue? Any suggestions on how I can access this Web service?
This type of error may indicate that the service WSDL includes dependencies on one or more external schema files (.xsd). The following Microsoft Knowledge Base article describes the symptom and a workaround for the problem:

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