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Error with VB 6.0 using SOAP to consume a Web service

I have a VB 6.0 project that is using SOAP to consume a Web service. As part of the VB package that I send out, I included the SOAP Toolkit 3.0 redistributable files (soap3_core.msm, isapi_files.msm, and winhttp51.msm) as well as the msxml4 merge modules (msxml4sys32.msm and msxml4sxs32.msm). I followed the directions on installing the components.

After building the package I used ORCA to set the ALLUSERS property to 1 and to change the install sequence of 3 custom actions that come with the winhttp.dll. The problem I am having is when some of the clients try to use the SOAP portion of the project, they get an error message stating: WSDLReader: Loading of the WSDL file failed HRESULT=0x80040154: Class not registered. It is not happening on all the clients. Some of the clients work fine. I can't seem to find any common denominators between any of the clients that do not work.

I am unable to duplicate the problem at our office. All the clients that are not working properly are at other locations. Do you have any idea what could be causing this problem? I thought it may be OS related or related to permissions, but that does not seem to be the case. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
The message indicates that one or more of the files didn't get properly registered. Try reinstalling the application. You can also use regsv32a.exe to register the files manually. Here's a link to info on this utility.

But then again, it's always possible that the error message is misleading. This error can occur if the application isn't able to connect to the WSDL file. Perhaps the users experiencing these errors are having trouble because of a proxy? You may have to configure the proxy. Click here for more information.

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