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Errors with wscompile and WSDL2Java

I have tried using both wscompile and WSDL2Java with a particular WSDL. Both of them give me errors. However I know that the WSDL is not incorrect since I get correct stubs in .NET. Are there any other utilities that will create stubs in Java given a WSDL?
Don't assume that the WSDL is valid just because .NET can process it. .NET supports a few proprietary extensions to XML Schema. I suggest you test the WSDL using a WS-I Basic Profile validation tool. My favorite is SOAPscope from Mindreef (http://www.mindreef.com). If you don't have the option of changing the WSDL, then I suggest that you try Systinet (http://www.systinet.com). In my experience it offers the best interoperability with .NET.

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