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Examples of B2B/choreographed/collaborative Web services

Could you please give me some examples of B2B or collaborative or choreographed Web services?
I can provide a couple examples of B2B collaborative services, however, the deployment of choreographed Web services is still in it's infancy and has not yet gained much traction.

The first example of B2B collaborative services comes from a company called Collabranet based in Austin, Texas. Collabranet has built a Web enabled sales force automation system specifically designed to meet the requirements of two-tier sales and distribution channels. In this case, a shared application is utilized to transfer sales leads from a supplier of component parts to specific channel sales resources in the assigned territories. The channel sales representatives are then able to communicate the status of each lead, pipeline information and ultimately deals to the supplier. This activity is independent of any sales force automation system in use by the channel sales organization and since they tend to all be different, the dependence on integrated systems is alleviated. This application approach enables the supplier to aggregate through one Web service application all indirect field sales activity and forecast revenues across their entire channel.

The second example comes from our own company - ChipData. The solutions we've developed enable technical content transfer from component suppliers such as Texas Instruments and Mitsubishi to their distribution channels and directly to their top tier customers. In this case, the transfer of data is automatic and triggered by domains of interest for each recipient. For example; a distributor would only be interested in receiving data from a supplier in commodity areas they are authorized to resell. They might also be interested in receiving notification on specific "events" that occur in the lifecycle of component parts - technical specification changes, pricing revisions, new part releases and obsolescence. Using Web enabled services to deliver technical content to a varied and broad range of constituents is of significant value to the component supplier because the information flow is accelerated and the opportunity to embed their components into new product designs is enhanced.

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