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How can I create a client with JAXM to connect to MapPoint?

I have seen your article on the Java client for Microsoft MapPoint .Net. What I do not understand is that you are using the WSDL to generate classes. How? I am attempting to use Sun's JAXM to create a client to connect to MapPoint and failing miserably. Do you suggest any tutorials or have any examples that may connect to another service that may be a good example?
You're trying to use one of only two SOAP implementations that don't support WSDL. (The other is Apache SOAP.) JAXM is a XML-based API. It assumes that your application performs all your XML processing (using Xerces or JAXP or JAXB). You are responsible for constructing and interpreting the contents of the SOAP body. I would suggest that you try using an RMI-style API instead, such as JAX-RPC. Apache Axis and Sun's JAX-RPC RI (part of JWSDP) implement the JAX-RPC API. Or you might try almost any other Java SOAP implementation, such as Systinet WASP, The Mind Electric GLUE, IONA XMLbus (see http://www.xmlbus.com), or Cape Clear Cape Studio. All of these implementations provide a WSDL compiler (called something like wsdl2java, wscompile, or WSDL compiler) which can generate a Java client for you from a WSDL description. If you insist on using JAXM, I recommend that you look at Sun's Web services tutorial. You will need to build and interpret the SOAP body yourself, though.

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