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How can I create an app to communicate between a mainframe and mobile device?

How can I make an application (tutorial, software required, etc.) to receive requests from a mobile device send host data retrieved from mainframe to mobile? I have WebSphere Application Server 3.5, Host Publisher 1.2 and WebSphere Studio.

I will assume that you have Host Publisher Studio and Host Publisher Server.

Host Publisher Studio provides a utility called Host Access, which creates Java Beans encapsulating the interactions with host data sources such as 3270, 5250, VT52, VT 100 and VT220. These Java Beans, known as Host Integration Objects (HOA), present the host data as properties, thus, facilitating easy access from any Java application using standard "getter" methods. If you factor your Web applications to adhere to the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern, you can access the Java Beans as model objects from WebSphere Studio to build your Web applications.

Once you have successfully created your Host Integration Objects, you can extract the data from them and present them in any markup language that you desire. This includes mobile and PDA languages such as WML and HDML.

If you have Transcoding Publisher, you can integrate it with Host Publisher to filter and reformat your data for the target mobile device.


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