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How can I edit a listview control's background and highlight the control after the user clicks?

A. I'm using a listview control in "large icon" mode as part of a custom control, but cannot figure out how to set the background color in the image area. The text background is settable, but the image background area seems to be fixed at 212,208,200. What am I missing?

B. How can I programmatically highlight a listview control as though a user clicked on an item in the collection?

A. Try setting the backcolor in a manner similar to this:

 Dim C As New System.Drawing.Color() ListView1.BackColor = C.Aqua

In .NET, the backcolor property is an object, not merely a value.

B. Try selecting the Listview control first like this:

 ListView1.Select() ListView1.Items(1).Selected = True

After selecting the listview, then set the Selected property of the proper item to True.

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