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How can I find SOAP services that other people/companies have exposed?

How can I find SOAP services that other people/companies have exposed?
There are a number of public listings of SOAP services. If you're looking for examples or free, cool, useful (or in some cases not-so-useful) services, I recommend that you check out XMethods. Another great site is salcentral. Both of these sites provide a simple listing of Web services.

Another way to find Web services -- particularly if you're looking for real business services or some service in particular -- is to query a UDDI registry. UDDI provides you with a mechanism to categorize services so that you can search for a particular type of service or search for a service that applies to your line of business or whatever. There's a public registry at http://www.uddi.org/find.html operated by IBM, Microsoft, HP, and SAP.

I'm afraid that you won't find an enormous number of real services registered in the public UDDI because most businesses wouldn't usually want to publish their real business services in an unsecured registry. Many businesses are starting to set up their own private UDDI registries that they use to make information about their services to their trusted business partners.

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