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How can I find the origin of a SOAP message from within the message?

I was wondering if you could tell me whether I can find the origin of a SOAP message from the message itself--as in, where the SOAP message came from and from whom? (say login information for a secure Web service.)
A SOAP message does not indicate its source. If you want to implement login security, then you must add/request that functionality. Most SOAP implementations support one or more authentication mechanisms, such as HTTP Basic, HTTP Digest, and SPKM. As a sampling...

Here's a useful article on .NET Authentication and Authorization.

And another article on how the .NET MapPoint service uses HTTP Digest...

Here's an article that explains how WhiteMesa supports HTTP Basic and HTTP Digest

Here's The Mind Electric GLUE documentation on authentication

Here's the Systinet WASP documentation on security

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