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How can I get started on this Java program?

I am currently using JBuilder 3.5. I am having trouble setting up the code for the following program.

I need to write a program in java that can store the details of two student records. The details of the records are Student Name, Student Address and Student Identification Number.

The program has to give each student a unique identification number starting from 0000001. The details should be entered from the keyboard. The program on request should be able to print the details of each student on the screen. The program should on request be able to change the address of the student. The program should terminate on request. All input should use the keyboard.

There is no need for a GUI.
Well, without going too deeply into an introductory course on Java, or without solving a homework assignment, I can say that Java offers technologies that can provide very comprehensive solutions for all of your problems needs. Input from the keyboard can be facilitated using methods of the System.in object such as System.in.read() and System.in.read(byte[]). Java also offers a vast amount of support for storing linear data in hashmaps, collections, vectors, arrays, etc. Relational SQL data can be stored, retrieved and modified in most top-rated relational databases using JDBC.

With all of the tools, frameworks and technologies that Java offers, it is surely one of the easiest platforms for solving problems posed to fortune 500 companies and CS students alike.

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