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How can I make an EJB available via Web services?

How can I make an EJB available via Web services and how can I deploy it on an application server?
JSR-109 (Implementing Enterprise Web Services) defines the Java standard for exposing an EJB stateless session bean as a Web service. This standard will enable portability across application servers -- at least as much portability as you now have when porting EJBs across application servers. Support for JSR 109 is required in J2EE 1.4, so most J2EE app servers will support this standard relatively soon.

For the moment, we don't have this level of portability. Most J2EE app servers and Java Web services platforms allow you to expose a stateless session bean as a Web service, but each platform does it slightly differently. If you have an immediate need to support portability, then I suggest you use a platform-independent Web services platform, such as Apache Axis, Systinet WASP, WebMethods Glue, or Cape Clear Server. These platforms will run in pretty much any J2EE application server.

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