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How can I package my Web service for deployment on WebSphere 4.0?

I was successful in creating a custom bean array Web service with jwsdp's JAX-RPC implementation and I am running it on my machine. I want to deploy my service on Websphere 4.0 but I can't quite figure out how to package my service and complete the deployment.

I understand that I'm supposed to package my classes into a war file and subsequently into an ear and then utilize the supplied SoapEarEnabler utility provided with Websphere. My problem is that I can't figure out how to package my wsdl within my Web resource and/or application resource files. There seems to be no mention of it in Websphere's documentation. Also, a WSDD is required. I've seen some documentation on WSDDs but I don't quite understand how they are utilized and how they are similar/different to WSDL?

Also, as I mentioned, I developed my JAX-RPC Service with Sun's jwsdp and in a post you have on this Web site you note a clear difference to this AXIS(Websphere's WS Enabler)? What are the differences and how is the deployment to/through axis different? From what I've briefly read, AXIS seems as if it is required to enable/deploy your WS but I was able to deploy my Service through jwsdp without it? As you can see, I'm needing a little clarification.

In my opinion, I've seen very few good sources of documentation on the majority of this subject. All sources seem to refer to canned/out of the box examples (aka straight from WSAD) and as I'm sure you're aware, that's very rarely the case. The advice/direction I've heard and read from you seems to be good prcatical advice.

Thanks so much for your previous advice, hopefully you can help me here.

One of the challenges with SOAP deployments is that each SOAP server is different. Therefore you have to use the deployment tools that come with the SOAP server. i.e., if you're deploying in WASP server you have to use WASP tools; if you're deploying in IBM's SOAP Server that comes with WebSphere 4.0, then you have to use IBM's tools; if you're deploying in Tomcat with Sun's JWSDP JAX-RPC, then you have to use Sun's JAX-RPC tools. I haven't played with WebSphere 4.0, so I don't know the specifics of the environment. But since it's calling for a WSDD, then I assume that they are now distributing Axis with WebSphere. (They used to distribute Apache SOAP, but it looks like they've upgraded.)

WSDD is the Axis Web Service Deployment Descriptor. It tells the SOAP Server how to process a particular SOAP message. It indicates things like which method in which class to invoke, and which class should be used to deserialize the XML, and which class to invoke to process a header element. You have one WSDD file associated with each service. (The WSDD file is for the server; the WSDL file is for the client.)

You should be able to take the classes and WSDL files that you developed using either WASP or JWSDP and deploy them using the Axis deployment tools. (I don't think you need to use the JWSDP generated tie classes, though -- you just want to deploy the service class in Axis.) The best place to find documentation on Axis is on the Apache Site. You'll find deployment information in both the User's Guide and the Reference Guide.

I also recommend that you download IBM's WSTK. These are command line tools rather than Eclipse/WSAD plug-ins, but I believe that WSTK provides more convenient deployment tools than what you get with Axis (e.g., something that might generate the WSDD for you).

Good luck!

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