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How can a VB client handle complex data types for MS SOAP Toolkit?

I would like to develop a VB SOAP Client which calls an Apache SOAP service (deployed thru Axis) written in Java (running at Tomcat). I am using the MS SOAP ToolKit 3.0.

This Web service accepts string and Date type parameters and returns a complex data type (Array list containing a user defined data type). Could you please post sample code for a VB client handling complex data types for MS SOAP Toolkit?
When using the MS SOAP Toolkit, you must build a custom type mapper to handle complex types, and you must configure your client to use the custom type mapper using a client-side WSML file. See the Microsoft documentation here:

You might consider using PocketSoap (see http://www.pocketsoap.com/pocketsoap/) rather than MS SOAP Toolkit. It's much faster and easier to use than MS SOAP, and supports much better interoperability. It provides automatic support for complex types.

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