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How do I map tables with two/more fields as the primary key to an XDR schema?

My question is regarding mapping of database tables to XDR schemas.

A table is represented as an element in a XDR schema. XDR schema Datatype "ID" corresponds to a database table primary-key field. An element in a XDR schema is allowed to have only one attribute of datatype ID hence tables with one field as a primary key are easily mappable to a XDR schema.

But how do I map tables which have combinations of two/more fields as the primary key to a corresponding XDR schema ?

Could you please suggest a solution if possible? I am using the MSXML3.0 parser. Will using XSD schemas here help me?
W3C XML schema's composite fields functionality should suite your needs. See http://www-106.ibm.com/developerworks/xml/library/x-sbsch.html.

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