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How do I use JMS without an EJB tier?

I am new to JMS. How do I use JMS without an EJB tier? For example, I want to use J2ME + servlet+XML+Javabean+JMS in a mobile application project.
Without an EJB tier, you would write stand-alone server applications that import the javax.jms package, and which use the JMS API for sending or receiving messages.

To link a J2ME application to a JMS backend, you have the following options:

- Write a Servlet which calls the JMS API. Let the J2ME client communicate with the Servlet over HTTP. Also, you will need a JMS server application which exchanges JMS messages with the Servlet. You can see the Servlet as a "JMS Proxy" performing JMS operations on behalf of the J2ME client.

- Use a Wireless JMS client library on the J2ME device. That leads to an elegant end-to-end JMS solution. No Servlets required!

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