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How do XML-based industry standards integrate with SOAP/WSDL?

Many XML-based industry-specific standards are required to be utilized in commercial WS deployments. But how do these standards, for example FIXML, really integrate with SOAP/WSDL? Is it that complex standard-based XMLs need be camouflaged as String arguments, which are parsed elsewhere independently of the SOAP/WSDL tools? Or is there a better way somehow?
There are a number of ways to attack this problem:

Where a protocol is already defined as an XML application, the most common method of adapting to a SOAP transport mechanism is through use of the doc-literal message form. This form of SOAP messaging assumes an XML document payload that can be defined via XML Schema. The document-style approach to Web services messaging is emerging as the dominant form of SOAP-based interaction, eclipsing the RPC-style form of interaction. Using doc-literal, the SOAP Body element simply transports the XML document in its original form between systems. On arrival the body document is delivered to the application for processing. Where existing protocols are not XML-based, using SOAP with Attachments is another path to immediate adoption of the SOAP transport mechanism. In this case, even messages based on binary protocols can be transmitted in the context of a SOAP interaction. Over time, expect every major application-application protocol to migrate to direct support for SOAP and WSDL. With varying degrees of urgency, the industry and standards organizations responsible for protocols including FIXML, MDDL, RIXML, cXML, RosettaNet and others are considering how to directly support the emerging universal adoption of XML Web services standards.

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