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How do the new BPEL4WS standards relate to Web service orchestration?

How do the new BPEL4WS standards relate to Web service orchestration?
Here at Collaxa, we believe that the new BPEL4WS standards (from IBM, Microsoft and BEA) provide the foundation for Web service orchestration - which in turn, we believe, will allow mainstream Java developers to solve complex integration problems. The BPEL specifications include support for both public processes and private implementations and lay the ground for industry standardization of the next layer of Web services stack, aka Web service orchestration.

Together with WS-Coordination and WS-Transaction, BPEL standards open up a world of possibilities for Web services developers. Collectively, these three specifications support asynchronous interactions and facilitate a programming environment for modeling and executing business operations in real life.

Web service orchestration is the infrastructure layer enabling developers to program orchestration logic leveraging mainstream programming skills. This infrastructure provides 10x reduction in cost, drastic simplification and risk reduction of solving integration problems and now accomodation of the BPEL industry standards. With these characteristics, Web service orchestration is aiming to pave the way for delivering "EAI for the masses".

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